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Yom Shabbat, 3 Kislev 5777

Passover commemorates the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt over 3,000 years ago. The ritual observance of this holiday centers around a special home service called the seder (meaning "order") and a festive meal; the prohibition of chametz (leavened food); and the eating of matzah (an unleavened bread).

On the evening of the fifteenth day of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar, we read from a book called the hagaddah, meaning "telling," which contains the order of prayers, rituals, readings and songs for the Passover seder. 

At Beth Chaverim, we celebrate Passover as a congregation with a lively second night seder, complete with roasted chicken and matzoh ball soup!  

Congregational Passover Seder - 2013 (Pictures provided by Jesse Sheinwald)


Beth Chaverim's Community Seder 2013 was a smashing success!  Pictures submitted by Jesse Sheinwald.




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