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Yom Shlishi, 19 Av 5775

Ahavat Ger, welcoming the stranger, is among the most important tenets of Reform Judaism. Beth Chaverim actively welcomes interfaith families into our community and encourages their participation in our temple. We strive to be a welcoming place for people of diverse religious abd ethnic backgrounds.  A large percentage of our congregation is interfaith couples and families, and we welcome you to share in the warmth of our community.

You may be wondering about...

Worship Services: Being a welcoming community is central to who we are.  Our love of music ensures that everyone can enjoy inspirational moments in our services.  English songs and mixed Hebrew/English singing allow maximum participation. All Hebrew prayers are also transliterated (Hebrew written in English letters) and English translations and commentaries of all prayers are presented(prayerbook).  We announce how the service will be conducted at the outset of every service so it is easy to follow along.  Of course, Rabbi Joseph is more than happy to offer a quick tutorial.  Policies for service participation by those who are not Jewish in our synagogue can be found in Beth Chaverim's Ritual Policy.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Services:  Beth Chaverim strives to ensure that the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience is welcoming to all members of your family.  Although some portions of the service (such as performing an aliyah, or lighting the candles) must be performed, according to our tradition, by members of the Jewish faith, Rabbi Joseph works with you to find ways for family members of other faiths to fully and comfortably participate in the service.  See our page on our Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs to learn more.

Learning More about Judaism : Without pressure, we invite you (whether you are Jewish or not) to enjoy our programs and classes. Adult learning activities occur throughout the year and include an Introduction to Judaism class, study sessions, book groups, and evening programs.  See our Adult Education offerings to learn more.

 Other Resources

We recommend the following resources for interfaith families:

Interfaith Family:

Intermarried? Reform Judaism Welcomes You:  A pamphlet from the Union for Reform Judaism.