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Yom Shabbat, 3 Kislev 5777

Can I attend a service at Beth Chaverim?  Yes!  All of our services are open to the public.  Please note that during the High Holidays, only those with pre-reserved tickets can attend services due to limited space and security.

Can I visit the temple for a tour?  We are happy to show you our temple building, sanctuary and religious school.  Please contact our temple office at 703-729-1659 or

Is there any flexibility with membership dues?  There are many different categories of membership available to meet your needs. No one is ever denied membership due to financial considerations. We have dues assistance available for anyone who needs it. Please contact our Vice President of Finance for more information. 

Do membership dues include religious school tuition?  The religious school tuition is a separate fee from membership dues.  

How often do you have services?   Generally, on Friday nights, Saturday mornings when a bar or bat mitzvah is being held, on festivals, and monthly special services for young children.  Please see our service schedule to confirm.

How many members does Beth Chaverim have?  We currently have approximately 130 families, and growing!

How many children are enrolled in the religious school at Beth Chaverim?  We currently have 160 children enrolled in our school.

Can my child start religious school in the middle of the year?  Possibly, please contact our Education Committee.  We encourage families to enroll their children at the beginning of the year if possible.  

How do I join Beth Chaverim?  Contact our Vice President of Membership, or call 703-729-1659 and we will guide you through the process.